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The facility

The Resort

Opened in 2008, THE CALA LUAS RESORT is a project by Sebastiano Salaris, inspired by the buildings of the Campidano area, and by the typical Spanish farmer houses called “Posadas”. Therefore, the architecture brings back the idea of the courtyards, small balconies, pathways that intertwine between arches and porticos, with an extensive use of wood beams and roof tiles. The color palette was designed to seamlessly blend into the surrounding nature.

The history

The complex occupies an area of about 4 hectares, on lands once belonging to the Sesei district, under the control of the Count of Quirra, a nobleman of a prestigious Spanish family who in the 15th century donated these lands to the people of Gairo. Until the first decade of the 20th century, the area was covered by cork oak woods, whose traces are still visible in the land adjacent to the hotel.

During WWII, when the demand for coal increased, many prisoners from Germany and Austria (evidence of which can be found at the cemetery of Gairo) were forced to cut and prepare the coal on the beach, departure point for the shipments to the front on the mainland.

In the area surrounding the sports facilities, there was once the Church of Buoncammino, later transferred to what is today the locality of Buoncammino, in order to hide it from view from the sea, and to protect it from Saracene landings: the Tower of Bari Sardo is a testament to the need for protection against attacks from the sea.


Cardedu derives its name from the town in Spain called Cardedeu, located in Catalogne.

The whole area of Cardedu is situated on a large underground basin, rich in freshwater and fed by the Pardu River. A few kilometers away is Mt. Ferru, 875 meters above sea level: in Sardinia, this is the mountain closest to the sea.